What's New
BEd and ETT Admissions open for session 2017 – 2019
Magnificent building with spacious, well lighted class rooms with requisite physical facilities.
Well qualified, dedicated and competent teaching faculty.
Multipurpose and seminar hall, well equipped labs, rich library and lush green lawns.
Special aid to economically backward students.
Special classes held for weak students (Remedial teaching)
Special Projects/ assignment given to advanced learners.
Psychology Resource Room
Sr.No Psychological Test Author
1 Group Test of Intelligence (GGTI) G.C. Ahuja
2 Performance Test of Intelligence Dr.C.M. Bhatia
3 Mangal Teacher Adjustment Inventory (MTAI) S.R.Mangal
4 The Indian Adaption of Lowenfeld Mosiac Test (IALMT) Dr.B.B.Chatterjee & S.N.Sharma
5 Language Creativity Test (LCT) S.P.Malhotra & Sucheta Kumari
6 Achievement Test in Biology (ATB) Dr.S.C.Gakhar & Dr.Himadri
7 Concept Achievement Test (CAT) Dr.M.Rajamanickam
8 Teacher’s Reaction to Frustration in School Situations Tests (SSRT) Dr.M.K.Goyal
9 Passi Test of Creativity (PTC) Dr.B.K.Passi
10 Attitude Scale Towards Teaching Profession (ASTTP) Dr.Mrs.Umme Kulsum
11 Programme Instructional Material of Linear Programme on Direct-Indirect Speech (LPDIS) Dr.Punita Govil
12 Programme Instructional Material of Branching Programme on Direct-Indirect Speech (BPDIS) Dr.Punita Govil
13 Eyesenck’s Moudsley Personality Inventory (M.P.I) S.S.Jalota & S.D.Kapoor
14 Teacher Value Inventory (TVI) Harbhajan L.Singh & S.P.Ahulwalia
15 Teaching Aptitude Test Battery (TATB) Dr.R.P.Singh & S.N.Sharma
16 Dimensional Personality Inventory(DPI) Dr.Mahesh Bhargava
17 Teacher Attitude Inventory (TAI) Dr.S.P.Ahulwalia
18 Social Motives Scale Dr.Ram Nayan Singh
19 The Essay Paragraph Analysis Scale (EPAS) Dr.S.P.Malhotra & Dr. Sucheta Kumari
20 Teaching Aptitude Test (TAT) S.C.Gakhar & Dr. Rajnish
21 Non-Verbal Group Intelligence Test




  • Koh’s Block Design Test
  • Mirror Drawing Apparatus Electronics with Manual
  • Memory Drum
  • Muller Lyer Illusion
  • Picture Construction Test
  • Finger Dexterity Board
  • Tweezer Dexterity Board with Pins and Manual
  • Steadiness Tester Electrical
  • Finger Maze Wooden with Manual
  • Human Maze Learning pointed (Electrical)
  • Tachistoscope